something nice to say

I am not a huge fan of Facebook.  I have an account.  I check it almost daily.  But, I am not a fan.  It is good to check up on friends and family and see photos of my niece and nephews, but I don’t care for it overall.  I am a cheerleader at heart.  I feel like I should “Like” every post, comment on numerous statuses, and be a kind and uplifting person.  However, not everyone uses the site for encouraging words and posts.

I get so sick of the self-indulgent selfies of my thirty-something friends.  Yes, it works occasionally.  No, I don’t want to see them daily.  I feel bad, too- how much affirmation does one person need in a week from outside sources?  Oh, and some of the pics people post.  Oy vey.  Honestly, do you not realize it’s unflattering?  And, not every photo you take of your sweet little angel needs to be uploaded.  Not every photo is a good one, and no one has the time to comment through three hundred pics.  That goes for your vacation, too.  I am happy for you and excited for you, but I need a week off from work to look through the thousands of pics you’ve posted.  Please, upload a couple a day or maybe a dozen to an album.  Any more is overkill.

Today, as I skimmed and commented in usual fashion, I scrolled to a post that I didn’t know what to say.  I retorted less than kind remarks in my mind.  Hmmm…  I should be kind, but then my thoughts sounded passive aggressive.  Yeah, they were.  I debated and deliberated in my mind then remembered some age-old truth: “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  So, I didn’t say anything.  I figured I could come back later with a kinder heart and kinder response.  They’d be none the wiser, but I displayed wisdom.  One less fight over Facebook?  It’s a win for everyone.

Sweet dreams and good night, L

happy birthday, baby

It’s my birthday week.  I am a BIG fan of birthdays.  I (technically) celebrated my husband’s birthday THREE times our first year of meeting.  Lucky guy!  I think the day should be done big and well.  I only ask for three things to make it “feel” like my birthday: birthday cake, the birthday song, and flowers.  Dinner at my favorite restaurant and a gift are always nice, but it’s unnecessary.

I narrowed the list down in my twenties.  A simple list, a grateful list, in my opinion.  And, I always got all three.  Or, maybe, I didn’t one year and then made the list?  Either way, my parents were good providers and made sure I got each thing, without even asking.  Until I turned 28.

I was born and raised an Arizona girl, and I felt the Lord calling me to Colorado in my late twenties.  “I will go where you go.”  I knew I was meant to be in Colorado, so- without ever being there, having no place to live, no friends, and no job- I packed up my car and drove north.  I loved Colorado because that’s where I was suppose to be.  However, I got sad weeks before my birthday wondering how I’d have my three birthday requests met, so I took my requests to G-d.  He would answer them.  I didn’t know how, but I knew He would.

That morning, I woke to find my roommate made me birthday blueberry muffins.  Yum.  Not on the list, but still made my day!  My co-workers had cake for me.  Check.  My cell phone was bombarded with dozens of birthday wishes from friends and family, and one of them was singing my Happy Birthday.  Check.  As the day drew to a close, I realized my birthday flowers weren’t going to make it.  I was bummed but still blessed.

As I planned on meeting friends for dinner, the group was getting smaller and smaller.  I couldn’t blame them: the winter storm was bad.  I had three friends show up that night.  And, one of them brought me flowers.  G-d is good.  My friend said she “felt led” to get them for me, and I almost teared up telling her my prayer.  G-d answers prayers.

I know I sometimes put G-d in a box.  It is so cliche, but it is true.  But, I have dozens of beautiful moments in my life where He has been so good to me, on my birthday and any other day.  He is gracious, loving, and kind to all who call upon Him.  It’s possible to have a beautiful, intimate relationship with the Lord who created this earth because He also created you.

This year, I have a wonderful husband to get me those three things.  He knows the drill by now.  *smile*  It works well for both of us.  I feel like I’ve added a fourth item to the list this year: I want to spend it with my husband.  Yes, I want the love of my life to spend the day with me, but we agreed he should save his day off until later.  Houston is excepting winter weather though this week.  So, I present my request to G-d.  PLEASE bring snow on my birthday!  I would LOVE snow for a gift, as I am homesick for Colorado right now.  But, the city shuts down, and my husband can stay home.  That would be a great birthday gift.  FIVE things: song, cake, flowers, hubbie, and snow.  He can provide.  And, I have faith that He will.

Happy birthday, baby.  And, may all your birthday wishes and prayers come true.  Laura