Happy Birthday, C

My first niece is here and born earlier this week.  I am over the moon!  Being an aunt is one of my favorite things in the world.

I got to see my two nephews over Christmas.  L is two, and he is, well, very two.  He has moments of brilliance and perfectly angelic, and the next moment he’ll be hysterical and throwing a fit on the floor.  “Use your words,” is the stern reply my sister and I give him.  Or, my sister will say, “Do you need disciplined?”  The answer is usually no.  haha  He was doing something he shouldn’t be doing last week, and I pleaded with him in jest, “You know where your mom learned her techniques to keep you in line?  Dial it back, buddy.”

I love being the fun Aunt Laura.  I have cheered on L and encouraged him.  We laugh and giggle together.  I get amazing bear hugs.  And, I have gotten the cold shoulder.  So not fun (see my one-year-old nephew who refuses to go to me but loves my husband).  When L was acting up with me this past week, I was gracious with him.  And, I told him it was okay: I love him anyway.  I love him unconditionally.  And, that’s what I offer my new niece: unconditional love.

C is the sweetest gift as we come into the new year.  May she know she is loved on her birthday and every day, always.

All my love, my little niece, Auntie Laura